Three plot hooks inspired by Norse Mythology

Games From Folktales

I’ve just finished the audiobook of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. It’s excellent. I know the stories already, but his method of telling is a joy.

There are three tiny elements of his telling  which struck me as novel plot hooks for Ars Magica.

The Chains of Fenrir

When Fenrir, the great wolf who will consume the Sun and Moon, is first bound, he bursts his chains.  They are made of a mixture of meteoric iron, terrestrial iron, and dark faerie magic. Pieces of these chains are embedded in the sides of mountains throughout the Earth.

Meteoric iron may have some immunity to Hermetic magic.  Even if it does not, a giant chunk of shattered chain might have Terram, Rego or Perdo vis. Those making chains as magic items might prefer these fetters: but those making items to escape imprisonment may also find it mythically resonant. Are wolves, or werewolves, drawn…

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